Dubbing Stage2 boasts the largest space in Japan. Many all-time japanise movies took their first steps right here in this building.

Post-production Center 2 underwent renovation and reopened in April 2011.
The dubbing stage 2 is equipped to play digital projection.
2 sound editing rooms, are accommodating multichannel systems.
For video editing rooms, there are 2 Avid editing rooms. And for film editing, are cutting 2 editing rooms for both Positive and Negative.
The center supports not only digital but also analog formats.
The WASEDA / TOHO Art and Science Center has 3 studios for post-production of high-resolution quality features.
Each of the studios is connected by InfiniBand, and available for simultaneous editorial finishing, color-grading and compositing.
After finishing or color-grading, the images can be screened in the theater or dubbing stages immediately through the inter-building optical fiber network, and also sent to audio post-production.
The Center is also available for converting raw image files into viewable formats, and creating Digital Cinema Packages.
Post-Production Center 2 MAP