The World-class Post-Production Studio
TOHO offers you 2 Post-Production centers to meet your needs.
An innovative space where Picture and Sound join in harmony

The one distinctive characteristic of the Post-Production Center is the Network.
TOHO STUDIOS offers a seamless optical fiber network system that connects the stages, production offices and the Post-Production center.
All video image data can be sent straight from the stage to the Post-Production room in an instant.
Every room in the center is connected to high-speed circuit, allowing for stress-free environment during editing, audio post and sound mixing.

Offering the Best Global Standards Sound Space
Another characteristic is its Acoustics.
Dubbing Stage 1 was especially designed to accommodate multichannel recording.
This is the very first building in Japan to be designed and constructed from scratch to fulfill this very purpose.
Warner Bros. Studio cooperated in the fundamental design, and the acoustic design by Charles M. Salter Associates.
Now we offer one of the world’s top-class acoustical systems.
TOHO STUDIOS' new Post-Production Center provides you the world's best quality acoustical environment as well as smooth and efficient network system to help enhance your film quality.
Post-Production Center MAP