The theater can reenact the exact sound created at dubbing stage
The theater is 188m2in size, and the ceiling is 5.5m tall, accommodating 100 seats. Its screen is a Stewart Filmscreen’s Ultramatte 130, its size at 8.3m x 3.4m. The horizontal projection allows for strain-free video image. The theater is equipped with 2K DLP Cinema and 35mm film projector, allowing for projection in all types of format, including 3D image. The rooms have a NC rate of 10, and are equipped with sound systems that are capable of reenacting the exact same sounds recorded at the dubbing stage. Images may also be projected from the editing rooms. Offering the best reference in Film Exam and Digital Cinema Exams.


Length Width Height Area ScreenSize
    5.5 188 8.3*3.4(Cinema scope)

NC rate : 10
Wireless LAN Internet service (Wi-Fi access)
Wired LAN internet access also available.
KVM outlet, Video network socket and Optical fiber socket


Brand Equipment Name Quantity Notes
Christie CP2220 1 2K Cinema DLP
Deremi DC-post (1) Cinema Server
Kinoton FP30E-S 2 Film Projecter
EV Variplex II EX 3 Main 3way Speaker
EV TL880D 3 Subwoofer
EV SL15-WSV 12 Surround Speaker
STEWART UltraMatte130 Micro-Perf 1 Screen(8.3m*3.5m)