Sound Stages for Film and TV recordings


At length 35.6m, width 28.8m and height 12m, this sound stage is japan's largest in cubic capacity. It is complete with a 3m-deep indoor tank(6m x 8m), located at the far end of the stage. This can be used for extensive rain scenes and water falls and slides.

The stage has 12 lighting hoists each at 4.5m in length, located above the center of the stage. In addition there are four 15-meter hoists situated across the edge of the cyclorama. These allow for lighting from above the catwalk and from the floor of the stage.

Square timbers are set on hand rails of catwalk that can be used to secure weights, lighting and set construction.

The stages' drainage capacity is very high, allowing for heavy rain scenes.

There are 2 cast green rooms adjoining the stage.

Available in  Stage , Cast green rooms(2)


Length(m) Width(m) Height(m) Area(m2)
35.6 28.8 12 1,025

Electricity capacity – 400kw / Airconditioning – cooler and heater
Lighting hoists (stage center) – 12hoists each 6m length. Max weight capacity: 150kg
Lighting hoists (cyclorama) – 4 hoists each 15m length. Max weight capacity: 210kg
Structure: Steel construction, fire proof. / Catwalk height: 12m / Cyclorama height: 11m
Stage floor structure: monolithic concrete finish / Sound system: Allows sync sound recording
Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) / 8 Internet network sockets / 12 Video network sockets /8 Optical fiber sockets

*Please contact us for more detail on maximum electricity capacity.




· Number of rooms - 2(1st. floor)
· 1 Internet Network socket