Sound Stages for Film and TV recordings


The sound stage is 644.5m2in size. The height to the catwalk is 9.9m.

Equipped with efficient water drainage and supply these stages allow usage of large quantity of water in heavy rain scenes. The catwalks and the inner walls of the stage have built-in hooks for use in wire action and for art and construction.

Each stage offers full access to optical fiber network, providing a smooth and comfortable environment for correspondences between other facilities in and around the studio.

Available in  Stage, Stockyard, Monitor rooms, Cast green rooms


Length(m) Width(m) Height(m) Area(m2)
28.9 22.3 8.9 644.5

Lighting hoists: 25 (IFF self-climbing hoists) / Electric Capacity: 400kw / Air conditioning: Cooler and Heater / Sync Sound Recording
Efficient water drainage to allow heavy usage of water on stage. The stage has 2 longitudinal drain pipes with 4 outlets each 100mm in size (allows to drain 700 litres of water per minute)
Hooks for use in wire action - 22 on stage floor, 96 on Catwalks, 14 on stage walls
Hooks for art and construction - 13 on Catwalks
Wireless and Wired internet access

*Please contact us for more detail on maximum electricity capacity.




Monitor room
· Number of rooms - 1(1st. floor)
· 12 Network sockets
· 1 Internet connection socket
· 4 Optical fiber sockets

· Number of rooms - 1(1st. floor)
· 1 Internet connection socket