Sound Stages for Commercial


The height to the catwalk is 9.5m. The double shutter doors into the studio are 5m tall and 4.5m wide.
Each stage has 19 self-climbing hoists.

The studio is complete with a cyclorama at 9m tall and 20m wide.

There are 6 cast green rooms on the 2nd floor and one meeting room.

Also we have newly built a still photo studio situated between stage11 and 12.

This studio is a comfortable 92m2, the ceiling 4.9m tall and complete with 4 lighting battens.

Available in Stage , Still photo studio , Cast green rooms , Meeting room


  Length(m) Width(m) Height(m) Area(m2)
No.11 29.3 21.8 9.5 638.7
No.12 29.3 21.8 9.5 638.7
Still 12.9 7.1 4.9 91.6

Lighting hoists – 19 (Sachtler's teleclibmer hoists) / Electricity capacity – 400Kw /Air conditioning – cooler and heater
Cyclorama – 9m x 20m. (3 walls of white)
Wireless Internet available / 1 Internet Network socket / 8 Video network sockets / 4 Optical fibre cable sockets

*Please contact us for more detail on maximum electricity capacity.





· Number of rooms - 6(2nd. floor)
· 1 Internet connection socket

Meeting Room
· Number of rooms - 2(2nd. floor)
· Internet connection socket